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The Palm Atlantic City Presents The Murder of Oz

Date/Time:  Sunday, July 28, 2019 at 6:00pm

Address:  The Palm - Tropicana, Atlantic City

Dorothy and her friends finally made it to The Emerald City, but tragedy has struck – Dorothy didn’t make it into the balloon, and now she is stuck in Oz. But that isn’t the worst of it – a murder occurs in Oz, and it is up to Dorothy and the others to solve it. It will be a challenge: Glinda is too busy posting to Snapchat to be of any help, Dorothy is fresh out of medication and can’t find a pharmacy, the Lion is having an identity crisis, and the Scarecrow – well, let’s just say he’s in his own world. Join Dorothy and her companions as they travel to an unknown land which is even stranger than Munchkinland or The Emerald City. Their journey is treacherous, but it is their only hope of solving The Murder of Oz!

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