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Art & Science Roundtable

Date/Time:  Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 11:30am - 1:30pm

Address:  Stockton University Art Gallery - 101 Vera King Farris Dr., Galloway Township

Roundtable discussion with artists, scientists, and educators in conjunctions with Stockton University Art Galleries' spring exhibitions: Creative Collaboration of Art & Science featuring John Sabraw and Gaylord Schanilec and Intersecting Methods Portfolios

After brief introductions the three breakout sessions will be:

Natural science and history as reflected in art and woodblock relief traditions

Sustainability and artistic research-creation

New technology and contemporary art applications in academia and research

At each roundtable visitors can interact with the scholars and artists on a more informal basis and where scholars can share their ideas and projects, while modeling for participants how creative ideas become a project incubator through the discussions.

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